Import Factoring

What is it?
Import Factoring is the product in which the payments are made in advance by İş Faktoring, on behalf of importers which purchase goods/services from abroad, to sellers (exporters) and importers pay such amounts to the factoring company on a post-date.
How is it used?
The advantage of the Import Factoring can be taken through İş Faktoring.
What is its benefit?
With the Import Factoring, importers get the cash payment discount and the post-dated payment advantage. Since the amount of purchase is paid in advance by the factoring company to the seller, the buyer is released of its RUSF (Resource Utilization Support Fund) obligation. The Import Factoring provides the buyer with the opportunity to determine the due date conditions depending on the type of the goods/services purchased, and gives a significant support to firms to manage their cash flows.